Ottawa / Gatineau

Web developer. Problem solver. Science afficionado.
Challenging myself to find solutions balancing simplicity, function and beauty on a daily basis.

I am able to assist in a multitude of projects, big or small, on my own or among other developers. I am currently not available for work.


  • Currently completing in a C. Sc. degree at the University of Ottawa in order to obtain a certification for most of what I taught myself during the past decade.

  • Writing code & websites since the early 2000s. I have been consistently teaching myself the intricacies of the web, even during my years as a science student.

  • Curious about front-end web frameworks, event-oriented stacks, design, startups, science, and how they can fit together in order to solve problems.

  • Here goes the list : Javascript, HTML/CSS, Python, PHP, Java, C++. I'm also pretty good with AngularJS, BackboneJS, Django, Flask, JQuery, PostgreSQL, Celery, Redis & others.

  • Also obtained a M. Sc. in organic chemistry, where I discovered new methods to make pain-relief medications which I presented at a Canadian conference in Calgary.



Hush hush project intended for university students. Uses Flask, Celery, RethinkDB, AngularJS and other tools.

Solico Construction

Branding website for a local construction business.

Custom Timers

Small timer application to create a custom sequence of timers. Via BackboneJS & some PHP


Real estate investment planification tool built using AngularJS.

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